Monday, 28 May 2012

28 Degrees

Afternoon Lovelies!
How amazing was the weather this weekend!! I can't believe how lucky we were here in London!
The sunshine has been so uplifting and massively contributed to making this quite possibly one of the best weekends on record!
As the weather was so miraculous yesterday I decided to make the very most of it by taking up Lou's invite to chill in her AMAZING garden/pool.  By 11am I had conquered one of my greatest fears, popping open champagne (anyone else out there terrified of this?) and rewarded myself by drinking the whole thing, plus another couple of bottles of wine (I have uploaded the video of me opening the champagne below as proof that I CAN DO IT!!).  It was a gorgeous day spent in the sun with my beautiful second family, I even managed to fit in some time to help Lou's little brother Matt with his homework, although to be perfectly honest he turned out to be the one teaching me! As always I took a rather large handful of pics for you (iPhone quality, apologies)
WARNING: I am drunk in most of the pics and do not actively promote swimming when under the influence...

...and Saturday was another perfect day took a little trip to the London zoo and spent the rest of the day/night exploring almost every inch of my wonderful city, I just can't say enough how amazing I find London.

(these were my favourites, especially the Penguins, so cute!!)

Well another week has begun, let's get work out of the was as it's a four day weekend coming up!!!

Have a great week my loves,

Peace and Love




  1. Love your bikini!
    s xx

    1. Thanks doll it's French Connection- will look better with a tan but in this country it's near on impossible to achieve! xxx