Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Evening Loves,
I hope you are all well!
So I took a little break from make up tutorials in April as it was a hectic month for me with all the birthday and Naples madness but i'm back this month with something a little different for you.   I have chosen to dedicate May to Katy Perry because she is always fun and fearless with her make up, which to me are the the fundamental things to always be. 
Katy Perry has also collabourated with Eylure and brought out four sets of lashes so I thought we could recreate one of her looks with a set of her lashes each week. 

So to kick off Katy Perry month I have gone for a make up that she sported to the 2011 Grammys.  It's a really colourful, sparkly look and she manages to make it sexy and wearable.  I feel that I can sometimes get myself into a rut with my make up so it was really nice to experiment with bold colour, I definitely want to sport this look on a night out soon, especially now we are moving into the summer! 

(I'm a little gutted that you can hardly see the green, I can only blame the lighting in my bathroom for this as it was very bold in the flesh)
Products used in the video:
Eyes: Mac Parfait Amour eyeshadow on mobile lid (large flat brush), Clarins Vibrant Violet eyeshadow in socket line (Mac 217 blending brush), Take a clean Mac 217 blending brush to soften edges, Mac Golden Olive pigment under lower lashline (slanted angle brush), Rimmel Exaggerate Black waterproof eyeliner on outer edge of inner eyeline and inner upper eyeline, Chanel Onyx Noir Ligne Extreme liquid liner, Eylure Katy Perry "Cool Kitty"(!) eyelashes, Apply a small quantity of Mac Mixing Medium gel to a small synethetic brush and place on the mobile lid leaving the "V" area blank,  again using a small synthetic brush place the iridescent glitter on the mixing medium,  L'oreal Black Volume Million Lashes mascara on top and bottom lashes.
Lips: Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick
Cheeks: MyFace Cosmetics Paradiso Pink blusher up swept up cheekbones (Chanel 4 blusher brush)

So that's week one out of the way, I hope you enjoyed the look!

I'll be back soon with a little post about the bank holiday weekend,

Have a great rest of your week,

Peace and Love




  1. You look amazing!
    S xx

  2. Just a quick noteI wound up going with a dark black/brown counter. I will post photos in a later update.

    Green Onyx