Sunday, 29 January 2012

In the night time her face lit up

Good evening!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, I certainly did :)!

So I have definitely got that sunday evening feeling, a little depressed at the thought of a whole week of work ahead (for me its a 5.45am wake up for the next 5 days :( ) so this post is really to skip past the week and to get us thinking about what we are going to do next weekend.  I have prepared a GLITTERY eye for you guys tonight, I can barely contain myself as I type !!  I have also started editing my tutorials to try and make them shorter so I hope you like the new style :) ...

Products used in video:
Eyes: Mac Vanilla eyeshadow all over eye area taking it up under brow bone (Large flat natural hair brush), Mac Coquette eyeshadow on socket line (Mac 210 brush), Mac Bronze eyeshadow in outer corner of socket line (Mac 224 Blending brush), Mac Carbon eyeshadow in "V" of the eye (small natural hair eyeshadow brush), Using any brush(preferably one with a thinner handle)to place diagonally from the nose to the outer corner of brow(see in video)to use as a guideline to blend out Mac Carbon eyeshadow (Mac 224 brush), Use clean Mac 217 brush to soften edges,  Apply Mac Carbon under lower lashline (Chanel 14 Angled brush), Mac Woodwinked eyeshadow on remaining light area of eye (Chanel 15 eyeshadow brush), Mix Mac Reflects Antique Gold with roughly 2 squirts of Mac Fix plus fixing spray (See pictures below)(apply with flat synthetic brush over the Woodwinked eyeshadow), Apply Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in Black to lower inner eyeline and upper inner eyeline, Chanel Ligne Extrême in 31 Onyx Noir, Eylure 107 Lashes, YSL False Lash Effect mascara in 01 Noir
Lips: Mac lipstick in in Viva Glam Gaga, Mac Clear Lipglass on top of lipstick
Cheeks: Mac Dainty blusher swept up cheeks (Chanel 4 blusher brush), 
Finish by dusting off any fallout with a fantail brush

As promised here is how you mix the glitter:
aaaaannnnnnnnd mix all together

And of course as always a couple of accompanying pics (apologies for horrific quality you can barely see just how sparkly it was!)

(Welcome to my office)

(this is my favourite lyric in a really great song, click the link to enjoy and listen out for this line)

So coming up for the next week I will be posting about my evening at White Jail and there will be another make up tutorial on how to create the perfect make up base so stay tuned :)

Have a sparkly week

Peace and Love



Friday, 27 January 2012

I see your true colours


Let's take a little look behind the scenes of this post before I show you the amazing photographs that my exceptionally talented and beautiful best friend Anouska took of us <3

Thanks to my gorgeous friends Lauren (brunette) and Jessie (blondie) for helping me out with this post and for supplying the evening with wine!

On the video I asked you to send me the letter of your favourite eye make up from this post either by facebook, youtube or to my email address:

The looks:
A: Alessia- purple eye
B: Alessia- Green/brown smokey eye
C: Jessie- Copper eye
D: Jessie- Blue eye
E: Lauren- Brown smokey eye
F: Lauren- Deep blue eye

I really look forward to seeing which eye comes out on top so get voting for your fave!

And lastly, I was really fortunate to have one of the loves of my life, Anouska over for a couple of days this week, she lives in Dublin so I don't see her that often, but I managed to get my hands on her the last couple of days and as always it has been magique :)

Thanks so much for reading,  I hope you enjoyed this post

Have a colourful weekend!

Peace and Love



See you tonight ;)

Peace and Love


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Red lips sink ships

So I was sat at work today staring out of the window onto a cold and rainy London fantasising about laying in a hammock in blistering heat, smelling of coconut and sipping a pina colada (then nipped to the ladies, definately not to cry about my longing for the summer?!).  It got me thinking about how depressing January is (unless you have your birthday in Jan so congrats to all you out there fortunate enough).  January: Cold, if not snow then most definately rain, no more Christmas to look forward to and paler than pale skin.  So we need something to perk us up right?  A little sunshine in the form of bronze and gold make up with a red hot lip, sounding good?  Well this is the look that I have chosen to guide you through this evening and who wears this look better than the goddess that is Kim Kardashian.  Whether you love or hate the woman you can't deny that she is a seriously hot piece of ass (quite literally in her case). 

  • Honey-bronze complexion- CHECK
  • Lusterous glossy mane- CHECK
  • Curves in all the right places-CHECK
  • A nice bit of dollar stored away in the Bank of America (GOD BLESS AMERICA)- CHECK
So yeah basically the girl has it all (apart from a husband) and that definately makes her one of my top lady crushes, just look at her!!:


These gorgeous pics of KK are what inspired my tutorial tonight

(Actually made a much better video of this last night but the phone rang about 5 times during so I decided to make it again)

Products used in video:
Eyes: Mac Pigment in Tan on mobile lid (Large flat natural hair brush), Chanel Ombre Essentielle in Sand in socket line and under lower lash line (Mac brush 210 for socket, Chanel Angled brush 23 for lower lash line), Mac eyeshadow in Mulch in "V" of the eye (Mac blending brush 224, Clean Mac blending brush 217 to soften edges), Chanel quad palette in 20 Regarde Perlé Pearly White for inner corners of the eye (Small flat natural hair brush) and from the same palette the Gold for under the lower lashline (Chanel Angled brush 23),  Chanel Ligne Extrême liquid eyeliner 31 Onyx Noir, Eylure Girls Aloud lashes in Cheryl (<3), YSL False Lash Effect Shocking mascara in Noir
Lips: Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 024 Red Diva, Mac Lipstick in Lady Danger
Cheeks: Myface Cosmetics Blush in Paradiso Pink (Chanel blusher brush 4), Two faced California in a Compact in Beach Bunny (Swept over cheekbone and browbone with Fantail brush).

                                                     Channeling my inner Kim Kardashian

And this Kim Kardashian spoof always cracks me up so enjoy :)

...Don't worry Kim, i'll marry you

Thanks for reading Angels

Peace and Love



Monday, 23 January 2012

Buon Appetito

I found myself feeling very grown up last Friday and hosting my first dinner party.  It was a "welcome back" dinner for a few of my bellismi Italian friends who had spent the last month back home in their beloved Napoli for Christmas and New Year.  I have not known them for all that long but each one of them has become very dear to me and I wanted to throw this soiree as a thank you to them for always being so wonderful and kind to me and my friends (also for making us countless amazing meals and making always making us feel welcome in their home).  So the aim for the dinner party was to produce an edible meal that would not poison or kill anyone, which to a culinary goddess like myself (??!!) was quite a challenge.  So what did I cook?  Well as it was a heavily ITALIAN themed night I decided to make the classic dish Lasagna (I also wanted something I could make in advance as I would be working all day Friday).  So under the watchful eyes of my mother, who is world reknowned for her amazing lasagna (it has been known on countless occasions for friends to come over to my house, not to see me, oh no, but having heard of a fresh lasagna having just been produced inviting themselves over for dinner ;) ) I began.  To set the record straight I MADE THE LASAGNA 100% my mamma would not even touch the empty dish it went into (pics below are proof)

It definately seemed to go down well as between 7 of us we polished off 16 portions...(not all at once, at around 4.30AM we decided it was time for more).
I had hoped to make crepes for dessert and had this wonderful vision of us making them all together but sadly I got a bit ahead of myself and made the batter the night before and Devil's vomit is the only thing I think I can decribe what it looked like when it came to making them, almost definately leathal so nutella on bread and spoons had to suffice.

As always, when in the company of these fine young men, the evening was filled with laughter, music and dancing and a particular drinking game that taught me quite alot of shocking new things about everyone. So let's have a little look at how the evening went down:

....and once we cracked open the vodka and turned the music right up.....
(genuinely not sure what is going on in this last picture!)
....after an impressive two hours sleep I was up again and heading to a photoshoot (see White Russian post below)

(Post to come soon)

Grazie a tutti for reading

Pace & Amore