Friday, 27 January 2012

I see your true colours


Let's take a little look behind the scenes of this post before I show you the amazing photographs that my exceptionally talented and beautiful best friend Anouska took of us <3

Thanks to my gorgeous friends Lauren (brunette) and Jessie (blondie) for helping me out with this post and for supplying the evening with wine!

On the video I asked you to send me the letter of your favourite eye make up from this post either by facebook, youtube or to my email address:

The looks:
A: Alessia- purple eye
B: Alessia- Green/brown smokey eye
C: Jessie- Copper eye
D: Jessie- Blue eye
E: Lauren- Brown smokey eye
F: Lauren- Deep blue eye

I really look forward to seeing which eye comes out on top so get voting for your fave!

And lastly, I was really fortunate to have one of the loves of my life, Anouska over for a couple of days this week, she lives in Dublin so I don't see her that often, but I managed to get my hands on her the last couple of days and as always it has been magique :)

Thanks so much for reading,  I hope you enjoyed this post

Have a colourful weekend!

Peace and Love


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