Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alright mate, nice to meet you...

Bonjour, Good day, holaaaaaa,

Welcome to my first blog!  A little nervous whilst writing this as it is all very new to me but I definately need to man up, stop procrastinating and just get on with it.  I have been wanting to make a blog for quite some time now but never got round to it (truth: LAZY!) but it's a new year and amongst thousands of other resolutions which I know I will not see through (go to the gym, stop swearing around my parents, go to church more...) this is one that I want to stick by!  If you have read my "about me" then you will already know the basics and if you haven't I will reiterate them for you.  The name: Alessia Pasquali (Italian if you couldn't tell), Age: 21, Occupation: Make up artist.  So what is my aim for this blog you might find yourself asking, well, as a Make Up Artist I thought it would be a good place to share some insider tips with you about looks and products and also to horrify you all with my pre made up face in some make up tutorials. I should also let you know before we begin that I have a very unhealthy relationship with glitter and anything that sparkles, It has been a life long obsession, when looking at sparkly things I just feel euphoric,much happier than any sane person should, anyone else out there feel the same?  Maybe that's too much information and this first post will be responsible for shopping me as a complete nutcase and i will be sectioned....anywaaayyy I also want this blog to be about my life, where I go, what I do/ what I like and of course the fundamental glue that holds me together is the wonderful people who feauture in it.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by such a diverse bunch of creative and talented friends (photographers, stylists, artists,dancers, actors,models, musicians...).  They all have something different to bring to the pot and each one of them inspires me and keeps my creative buzz well and truly alive, I hope to introduce you to some of them along the way...As this is a welcome post and you don't know me allow me to try to present myself and my life through the medium of photography: Friends, Family, My Make ups (bored yet?? )....

Alessia :

My Beautiful Family :

My Friends, life... :


(sorry for the overdose of pics I have to admit I am a totally addicted to taking photo's of everyone and everything but what's life without memories :) )

Some of my previous Make ups:


 So there you have it, first post done, not quite the traumatic experience I had envisaged!  I hope that I have introduced myself a little better by bombarding you with too many photographs from my colourful life!  I have loads of ideas filling my head right now of future posts I can do, hopefully the ones to follow will not be so heavily littered with pictures and will actually be helpful and informative :)... I hope I haven't put you off already and you will be back to check some more posts in the future....

Nothing more to say for now, you'll be pleased to hear, all that remains is a big THANKS for checking out my first post, have a great day you gorgeous souls,

Peace & Love



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