Monday, 23 January 2012

Buon Appetito

I found myself feeling very grown up last Friday and hosting my first dinner party.  It was a "welcome back" dinner for a few of my bellismi Italian friends who had spent the last month back home in their beloved Napoli for Christmas and New Year.  I have not known them for all that long but each one of them has become very dear to me and I wanted to throw this soiree as a thank you to them for always being so wonderful and kind to me and my friends (also for making us countless amazing meals and making always making us feel welcome in their home).  So the aim for the dinner party was to produce an edible meal that would not poison or kill anyone, which to a culinary goddess like myself (??!!) was quite a challenge.  So what did I cook?  Well as it was a heavily ITALIAN themed night I decided to make the classic dish Lasagna (I also wanted something I could make in advance as I would be working all day Friday).  So under the watchful eyes of my mother, who is world reknowned for her amazing lasagna (it has been known on countless occasions for friends to come over to my house, not to see me, oh no, but having heard of a fresh lasagna having just been produced inviting themselves over for dinner ;) ) I began.  To set the record straight I MADE THE LASAGNA 100% my mamma would not even touch the empty dish it went into (pics below are proof)

It definately seemed to go down well as between 7 of us we polished off 16 portions...(not all at once, at around 4.30AM we decided it was time for more).
I had hoped to make crepes for dessert and had this wonderful vision of us making them all together but sadly I got a bit ahead of myself and made the batter the night before and Devil's vomit is the only thing I think I can decribe what it looked like when it came to making them, almost definately leathal so nutella on bread and spoons had to suffice.

As always, when in the company of these fine young men, the evening was filled with laughter, music and dancing and a particular drinking game that taught me quite alot of shocking new things about everyone. So let's have a little look at how the evening went down:

....and once we cracked open the vodka and turned the music right up.....
(genuinely not sure what is going on in this last picture!)
....after an impressive two hours sleep I was up again and heading to a photoshoot (see White Russian post below)

(Post to come soon)

Grazie a tutti for reading

Pace & Amore


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