Monday, 28 May 2012

28 Degrees

Afternoon Lovelies!
How amazing was the weather this weekend!! I can't believe how lucky we were here in London!
The sunshine has been so uplifting and massively contributed to making this quite possibly one of the best weekends on record!
As the weather was so miraculous yesterday I decided to make the very most of it by taking up Lou's invite to chill in her AMAZING garden/pool.  By 11am I had conquered one of my greatest fears, popping open champagne (anyone else out there terrified of this?) and rewarded myself by drinking the whole thing, plus another couple of bottles of wine (I have uploaded the video of me opening the champagne below as proof that I CAN DO IT!!).  It was a gorgeous day spent in the sun with my beautiful second family, I even managed to fit in some time to help Lou's little brother Matt with his homework, although to be perfectly honest he turned out to be the one teaching me! As always I took a rather large handful of pics for you (iPhone quality, apologies)
WARNING: I am drunk in most of the pics and do not actively promote swimming when under the influence...

...and Saturday was another perfect day took a little trip to the London zoo and spent the rest of the day/night exploring almost every inch of my wonderful city, I just can't say enough how amazing I find London.

(these were my favourites, especially the Penguins, so cute!!)

Well another week has begun, let's get work out of the was as it's a four day weekend coming up!!!

Have a great week my loves,

Peace and Love



Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Good Evening to you all!
What an amazing little spell of weather we are having in the UK at the moment!  It's a shame I can only enjoy it from inside an office but nethertheless i'm grateful for some very overdue sunshine!
It's Wednesday again (time is flying) so that means Katy Perry is back...week 3 already!
Tonight I have a very warm bronzed look for you so perfect for the current weather... 
I definitely feel this is a more grown up look by Katy Perry and bronze eyes are very universal for a night out...

 Products used in the video
Eyes:  Chanel Sillage Ombre Essentiel eyeshadow on mobile lid (small synthetic brush),  Chanel Sand Ombre Essentiel eyeshedow in socket line (Mac 210 brush), soften edges with clean Mac 217 brush, Barry M Chocolate Dazzle Dust in "V" of the eye (small eyeshadow brush), again take clean Mac 217 brush to soften edges, Benefit Gilded eyeliner on lower inner eyeline aand under lower lash line, Rimmel Black Glamour Glam'eyes liquid liner, L'Oreal Black Telescopic False Lash mascara on bottom lashes.
Lips:  Mac In Synch lip liner, Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick
Cheeks: Mac Dainty Blusher (Chanel 4 blusher brush), Mac Golden Bronze highlighting powder swept up cheekbones and under brow arch (fantail brush

So that's week three all wrapped up so I will be back next week with the finale of Katy Perry month, you can expect glitter!!--also take note of the T-shirts that I have been wearing since my flame eye tutorial...more info coming soon :)

Enjoy the amazing weather while it's here everyone,
Have a a great week and i'll see you soon!

Peace and Love



Monday, 21 May 2012


Afternoon my loves!
 how are you all?

So here as promised is the latest from White Jail which is my Italian mates club night if you are new to my blog (see January & April WJ).
The event was again held in a secret warehouse in Hoxton, only revealed to the public on the day by email which I think is a great concept as it adds an element of mystery and excitement.  This time I wasn't working on the door which is just as well because I was so knackered from working all week that I wasn't hardcore enough to stick it out till the end!  As per usual it was a great night, another great sucess for White Jail and my Italian's continue to make me proud!

Lou and I decided to grab a couple of drinks in a bar before we went along, I don't even know what this place was called but it was really cool, lots of neon-lit signs and colourful art, I definitely recommend this nameless bar!---The ONLY negative is that they didn't sell Corona's so once again I found myself settling for Sol...I'm getting a bit fed up of the severe lack of Corona in this City!!

It's off to Jail we go.....

... my lovely wife Lou made me a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs the next morning 
and I thought you might enjoy my "taxi home" outfit, lilac jogging bottoms and suede boots, come on!'s sexy and you know it!

White Jail will be back again in June so if house music and techno are your thing it's definitely worth checking out!

One FINAL note before I bugger off, my youngest little nephew Filippo turns 11 today (which makes me feel very old!) so buon compleanno amore!

I'll be back on Wednesday with the third week of Katy Perry month so i'll see you soon!

Peace and Love