Saturday, 12 May 2012


Good Morning!
How are you all doing?
So this is a bit of a mixed post i'm taking you back to last weekend which was a bank holiday here in London, yes that's right three blissful workless days.

So friday night I found myself surrounded by blondes (blondes have more fun, that's why I hang out with them).  We headed up to a new nightclub in Marylebone called Rose Club.  Luckily one of our favourite DJ's was playing so we rocked out to a bit of NERD and our favourite R Kelly's Ignition :)...The cab ride home was a little less joyful as the cabbie refused yes REFUSED to take 5 drunk girls to the McDonalds drive-thru which didn't go down well so there is a picture of him thrown in for good measure and to ensure you avoid this cab if you are partial to a late night big mac.

Saturday daytime my friend Sophie asked if she could takes some photo's of me around London for a uni project she is doing about Instagram.  The look was city chic so I was like yeah cool man thinking it would be nice and serious.  It turns out not so much, she wanted me running around and making a prat of myself in the cold and rain.  Already feeling a little fragile from the previous night I was a tad scepticle but she promised me chicken katsu curry from Wagamamas as a thank you so I was soon swinging round lamp posts and growling at the lions in Trafalgar Square,  I have put in some of the more sane pics, some of the others were just too embarassing to post!  It was also lovely to spend a day with Soph as we don't see each other often...and of course to spend the day with London, the greatest city in the world.

Sunday was my gorgeous girl Rachel's birthday.  We gathered at her house for some pre drinks and drinking games which makes it fair to say I was well on my way by the time we got to the club-cheap night indeed!  Was great to see all my school girls again we always have such a laugh when we are all back together.  It's actually Rachel's birthday tomorrow so HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling girl!


So now thats over lets bring on the bank holiday in June for the Queen's Jubilee...4 day weekend YESSSS!

So i'll be back soon with the next Katy Perry installment and the latest from White Jail,

Have a great week everyone!

Peace and love,




  1. Oh wow your outfits are so cute!!
    I love your jacket! and your last out fit!
    S xx

    1. Thanks doll :) I know THAT jacket, mint and tweed its like clothes porn! xx