Friday, 29 June 2012

Blow Up

Good afternoon to you all!

I hope everyone is well this Friday...
So I haven't posted for the best part of a month but I promise you I have a valid reason.  I have been really poorly throughout June so really haven't ventured out much to be able to put up any decent posts (and even when I did manage to drag myself out I looked so grotesque that a photo would definitely be out of the question!).
Last Friday I actually started feeling like myself again which was just in time for White Jail.  For those of you who are new to my blog White Jail is a techno/ house event held once a month all over london in secret warehouses.  The concept was born from the minds of my lovely Italian friends who have put their heart and soul into this project and have created a very sucessful brand and a rather extensive fan base in the short time that they have been doing these events, they have  even introduced a WJ clothing line!...(JanWJ, AprilWJ, MayWJ)...on Friday DJ Merko was the man!
So June's White Jail was filled with blow up dolls as you can see,  not really sure what the message was there (eh boys ?!!) but they made great drinking buddies so i'm not complaining!
We also met some newloveable characters such as "cheekbones" and Ginger Neil and behaved in an appauling way that only Lou and I saw fit!


Apoligies for my appearance as I was still not 100%!...but one thing that did make me feel better was seeing the boys and then the CHIPS on the way home.  We were also presented with a CD entitled " Motherland" whilst in the kebab shop from an aspiring rapper...we decidied to listen to it when we got home, one word: TERRIFYING!

...don't mind if I do
(rocking Katie Perry Week 2 eyes buddy!) 

July is the next one so add them up and don't miss it!

So all that remains to be said is have a lovely weekend!
...I promise I will be back soon :)

Peace and Love



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