Monday, 5 March 2012


Good Afternoon!
I hope everyone is well and has recovered from the weekend!
So this weekend consisted of two main things for me: FOOD (copious amounts of junk) and a surprise birthday party for Sean (or Gregory as I prefer to call him)

The party was all organised by Sean's beautiful girlfriend Sharlotte who did a really incredible job at keeping the secret and making it an amazing night for Greg.  Sharlotte had asked me to do her make up for the night (bronze eyes, red lip a la Kardashian ;) ) and I can't tell you the amount of times I nearly mentioned the party infront of Sean, luckily in the nick of time I managed to keep my mouth shut!  The venue was Altitude bar in Clapham which was at the top of 5 flights of stairs ( have to say my legs were feeling super toned on Sunday).  Once you go to the top you were greeted with great food, music and above all great company!
As always I have a little gallery, bless Sean by the end of the night- it wouldn't be right if the birthday boy was in any other state!
Happy Birthday Greg!!
...and of course on Sunday morning (well 2.30pm) there was only one cure for us...
...Junk food and a Sex and The City marathon

So this week I will be posting my make up video on Weds and then we shall see :)

One last note...WHITE JAIL is coming back!!!!!!!
An event that CANNOT be missed!!
Add them on facebook to find out more

See you back here on Wednesday, till then stay safe <3

Peace and Love



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