Monday, 26 March 2012


Good morning!
 Monday feels like it's ALWAYS Monday dammit!!
How are you all today?? I hope you had a lovely weekend, the sun shone the whole time here in London which makes a nice change!

Ahhhh so how about this weekend,  I have to admit it was a good'un!  On Saturday night I ended up in Punk club in Soho which I find to be quite an odd club, always a really young crowd you almost feel like your at a school disco but nethertheless the music is great and the company was even better so I had a great time there (plus the Punk Ice Tea is highly reccomended).  Sadly all of us forgot our cameras so I have pinched Kate(who makes up one half of the totally gorgeous twin unit)'s phone pics so I apologise that the quality isn't great.

...and the night ended in me consuming TWO Macdonald's double cheeseburgers "I want one to eat now in the cab please Mr Macdonald and one for when I get back home thank you sir"..always seems like the best idea ever at the time ahhh i'm just so dissapointed in myself!

So Sunday was lovely lovely Merko's Birthday so me and Lou headed up to No. 5 Cavendish Square where he was DJ'ing and saw all my lovely Italiani's <3...sadly I could only stay for a couple of hours as partying on a "school" night is just a no go with my early starts!  I got hardly any pics, not even one with the birthday boy i'm gutted :( but still I have a teeny little gallery for you...tried to get a quick snap of Big Ben as the train rolled into Charing Cross Station, it's my absolute favourite view in London I never get sick of it even though I see it everyday!

(ok so this wasn't last night but still I have to put up a pic of the bithday boy and I love this one! )
Happy Birthday Meerkat <3 x

So voila, another weekend over but here's to the next one!

See you back here on Wednesday my loves

Peace and Love




  1. Where is your dress from? I absolutely adore it! (and your blog :D) x

    1. Aww thanks so much Rebecca! the dress is Barbara Hulanicki for topshop i got it about three years ago BUT i just had a little look on ebay and there a few for sale on there, it's totally gorgeous, definitely a keeper! have a lovely day :) xx