Friday, 17 February 2012


Good Morning!!
I feel a little naughty since I haven't posted anything since Monday but I have had a pretty quiet week which is  rare these days! 
I made this little video with my lovely Lauren after I saw this AMAZING panda lip in Company magazine and just HAD to recreate it (putting white kohl pencil on my lips was a entirely new experience altogether)...
so here it is, it's a bit ridic but hopefully it will but a smile on your face :)

So the weekend is upon us again YESSSSSS :) lots going on so hopefully next week I will have more to share with you!
Also if there are any looks that you want me to do a tutorial on then please don't hesitate to contact me on here, twitter @AlessiaPasquali or my email I always look forward to hearing from you lovelies <3

Have a great weekend!

Peace and Love



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