Sunday, 26 February 2012

Flippin' Heck

Bonjour All!

I hope you have all had a glorious weekend and made the most of the amazing weather we have had!
So last Tuesday was of course pancake day and in my opinion the second best day of the year, after Christmas of course.  A whole day dedicated to pancakes is just beyond crazy but crazy good!  And what better way to spend the second best day of the year than with a few of my best friends!  We all chipped in with making the pancakes and I showed my superior flipping skills wherein my first pancake ended up on the floor, to be fair I was really showing off so definitely deserved it! By now you will probably realise that I am obsessed with taking photos of everyone and everything so below is my little pancake gallery and a super informative "How to create the perfect pancake" by the very dapper Riccardo...enjoy ;)

Massively craving pancakes now!

So coming your way this week I will be putting up the next make up tutorial on Wednesday and then we will just see what life brings us for the rest...

Have a great week lovelies :)

Peace and Love


ridic glasses I had to share with you!


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