Thursday, 26 April 2012

When in Napoli...

Do as the Napolitano's do.

So here I am back in freezing, rainy London. 
If you have read my previous couple of posts you will be aware that I was in Naples last week for 5 days, a city I have now fallen completely in love with.
I went with Lou ( i'm sure you are all very familiar with her by now) and although we were only there for such a short time we managed to cram so much in.  We went predominantly for our Napolitan friends (who you should also now be familiar with) club night White Jail, which they hold monthly in London but took it back home to Napoli this month.  They also launched their first WJ clothing collection at Fashion Victim Store in Naples so we all went along to toast them at the opening. 
I won't bore you by writing paragraphs and paragraphs of what we did (even though I easily could) so I will give you a short synopsis:
Drove around the city blaring Rack City at every opportunity, ate grotesque amounts of pizza and ice cream, got wasted at Jail, toned up our pizza arses on the "stairs of doom"( around 800 cobbled steps leading to our hotel), met lots of gorgeous new people, offended the locals with our newly accquired Napolitan swears word SFACCI....... ;), Went bowling (I came second out of the girls!),  visited Sorrento,  had Fulvio's parents homemade gnocci delivered to our hotel for Sunday lunch,  had some more pizza, ate a little bit more pizza....
 Can I also say a massive thanks to Fulvio who managed to keep us ALIVE for the duration of the trip as the Napolitans way of driving is...I have no words!...Also for everything he did for us while we were there including walking the "stairs of doom" to our hotel numerous times a day to collect us despite our protests! <3
As always below is La Galleria, I know there are tons of pictures but believe me I think I did a pretty good job seeing as I had to choose out of around 600 photo's, I have tried to keep them in chronological order aswell so that you can follow how the trip went from start to finish,
enjoy :)

So there we have it,  I miss it so much already!
It was a really amazing holiday I can't thank everyone enough for making it so special for us.

The Next White Jail is coming up in London in May so do come along and say hi, it always promises to be a great night

Ci vediamo fra un po Belli <3

Peace and Love




  1. Oh wow this looks like so much fun!!
    you look great!
    S xx

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah I had a great time, if you are ever in that part of the world you must check it out, the food and boys... there are no words!! xx