Monday, 16 April 2012

Pierce My Heart

Good Morning my Darlings!
How are you all? 
I feel like I haven't posted in years!

So today I will be sharing with you my evening spent at White Jail on Friday, I was working on the door this time round unlike the last White Jail.  The event was held at a secret warehouse in Hoxton and boasted a top class line up including the likes of Troy Pierce, one of the most sought after Dj's on the techno scene at the moment and my lovely boys ThanksMate who delivered an incredible set, i'm so proud!! 

I was working on the door with my two darlings Lou and Piero, I don't think we quite anticipated the absolute chaos that working on the door of such a big event would entail.  We each had about 10 different guestlists, at least 40 pages to flick through at one time filled with exotic names that you could not hear when told due to the blaring music in the next room.  Some people tried to run past the table and get in without paying, some pretended their names were something else and sometimes there were around 30 people in a tiny corridor all screaming their names and waving money in our faces but DON'T get me wrong, it was a great buzz and lovely to see so many people turning up for our event...luckily we also had our bouncer Freddie at hand who was more than happy to sort out any people who were misbehaving!

 By 4.30am our door duties had ended and all of us at Team Door were raring to go and join the others inside to dance/Drink (ALOT) for the last couple of hours of the night.  The warehouse was completely packed out it was such a great atmosphere and it made me so proud of the boys for all their hard work and effort, it really payed off for them <3
At the beginning of the night the guys had asked me if I would interview the man of the hour DJ Troy Pierce.  I totally forgot about it until they came and got me at around 5.30am and by this time I had consumed a fair bit of alcohol.  I posted the interview at the very bottom so please let me know if you think I did a good job acting sober!

It was such a great night and luckily I don't have to wait too long for the next White Jail as it's next weekend in Naples...That's rights kids i'm off to Napoliiiii < why not come and join us ;)

...and if Naples is a little too far for you fear not!
WJ is back in London in May so don't miss it!!

So this week I will be back on Wednesday with a little something for you :)

Until then Take care of your gorgeous selves,

Peace and Love




  1. Absolutely love your dress!!
    S xx

    1. Thanks Darling! I'm a little bit obsessed with fringing at the moment! xx