Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday's Child

Good Morning!
May I introduce to you the most beautiful little girl in the world, my niece
Isla Grace Colbourne
She was born last Monday at 16.43 and weighed 9lb5 after being born 10 days overdue!!
This weekend was incredibly special and emotional as I got to meet the little lady for the first time and I think you can all see from the pics that she is absolutely perfect.

After lots of cuddles with Isla we took her for her first outing to the beach and wrapped her up like a little snowman.  We stopped for lunch at this adorable little cafe on the sea front and I had the most amazing burger (diet has gone tits up again!) but I did feed half my chips to my Auntie Trisha's beautiful dogs who were staring up at me from under the table the whole time.
Even though it was a chilly day the sky was blue and the sun was shining which added to the feeling of complete joy we were all feeling.

I am so proud of my darling Nathalie and of her wonderfully kind husband Roberto, they are already the greatest parents and Isla is a very lucky girl.
We are truly blessed with our latest addition to the family

I have been really missing my other sister Chiara, who moved to Qatar in January :(...
(yes we look absolutely nothing like eachother!)
...So my lovely surrogate sister's aka Chiara's best friend's Fay and Hannah took me under their wing for a night out in Blackheath on Friday night.
Blackheath is a beautiful, picturesque village just on the outskirts of London.  Normally on a Friday it's buzzing but for some reason this week it wasn't so much and there were NO CORONA'S to be found anywhere!!!! (although one very sweet barman gave me his Corona necklace which you can see in the pics which calmed me somewhat)
It was a bit of a ridiculous night just generally terrorising men to "get their moobs out" for national cleavage day, attempting to speak drunken German and drinking too much Sol (which is what I settled for in the end)...

We headed back to Fay and Hannah's apartment and decided that a gymnastics display and cups of tea were an amazing idea...

Saturday morning we felt ROUGH so we headed to Fay's Parents house where her mamma cooked us cheese on toast which was just what the doctor ordered and we made cookies wth her adorable little cheeky monkey niece Amber
It was a much quieter weekend than i'm used to but it has been amazing.

So this week is going to be a busy one. I have my birthday coming up tomorrow (only one more day of being 21 !!) so there is lots happening this week and i'll try and keep you posted as often as I can :)

So have a great week and i'll back to see you soon my darlings,

Peace and Love

Alessia and Isla


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