Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mon cœur est là

Good morning to you all!
I hope you are well and not too depressed to be back in work after the bank holiday.
At 6am this morning when my alarm went off for work all I wanted was to rewind 24 hours where I woke up in the most beautiful little town in the south of France with my best friend by my side...
The town in question is called Roquebrune, where I have been coming since I was six weeks old.  It's been an absolutely glorious two days with my Anouska and her fabulous mamma Nicole,  soaking up some sun (FINALLY!!!) and eating more than I thought humanly possible in such a short space of time.  We also managed to fit in a mini photoshoot one evening before dinner and consequently got bitten to shit...


...so there we have it, for two days we managed to cram alot in!  And thank you to Anouska for being the best friend any girl could ask for.

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer so far...sorry I have been a bit absent!

see you soon,

Peace and Love




  1. I hope you start bogging again soon Alessia! It's been too long since you have shown your face on here :( x

  2. ❤ Your blog, beauty!
    Follow me and I will follow u back!